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Sad, sad news today. Los Angeles indie pop band Pacific Air, an oft featured act on IHM and once known as KO KO, officially announced that they are no more. I really loved catching them live in the past, and their 2013 debut album Stop Talking was certainly underrated and overlooked by many. I, for one, really enjoyed it. There is a consoling light at the end of the tunnel, though. Lead singer Ryan Marshall Lawhon has embarked on a solo act, named Mating Ritual, and both of the tunes he’s premiered from the project are fabulous. Stream Toxins, above, a song that greatly reminds me of Pacific Air’s style with its summery, synthy lushness and hooking melody. Then, stream Game below, which is more of an atmospheric brooder and incredibly beautiful, too. I don’t want to say goodbye to Pacific Air, but I can’t deny how delighted I am to welcome Mating Ritual.

Young Wonder // Time (Feat. Sacred Animals) || (Official Video)



All the Places-Made In Heights

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